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Studded India is the realization of a dream to bring the glorious culture and artistry of India to a global platform. An outcome of the dire need for tasteful jewellery in the Indian diaspora.We hope this will help these communities to stay in touch with their roots and add the extra zing to their attire.

The Studded India journey began when two childhood friends based in different parts of the world understood that, despite the huge demand for Indian jewelry, there was a lack of a single platform showcasing the best of India. Our founders, Meghna, a brand consultant / fashionista based out of Kuala Lumpur and Sarah, a lawyer from a leading firm in India, decided to pursue it as their true calling.

Through this venture, they seek to channel their love for all things bling, to use their talent to spot avant-garde and quirky designs, and to collaborate and co-create jewelry sourced directly from the artisans. Studded India will recreate the excitement and authenticity of shopping for Indian jewelry from anywhere in the world.




Our team of studded stylistas travel all around India with their explorer hearts, eye for detail and fashion-forward palettes to create the right assortment of designs that speak to diverse tastes and requirements of our customers. They are also working towards setting up a design studio that will craft our own little studded magic with the help of artisans.

Stay Tuned, Stay Studded!

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